Floor Scrubber-Washer: How to make the right choice in Quebec?

Floor washer and automation

The floor washer or self-washer is a resolutely versatile, simple and highly practical piece of equipment: thanks to its automatic operation, it increases productivity, as many tasks can be carried out in less time. The floor scrubber is also particularly effective, offering both optimal cleaning and rapid drying of the surface concerned. It also reduces the risk of slipping due to wet floors, thus avoiding any work-related accidents on your premises.

Do you want to buy a scrubber-dryer but don’t know which model to choose? Aspire Tout is staffed by competent agents who can guide you in your choice of cleaning equipment. We’ve listed a few criteria to help you identify the type of car washer you need.

Choosing a floor scrubber according to the type of dirt

Before making any purchase, you need to identify the type of debris your machine will need to collect. Depending on the size, shape and consistency of the waste, one model of car washer may be more appropriate than another. So you need to decide whether your machine is to clean a surface regularly soiled by small pieces of wood, sawdust or glass; whether it’s to dust your store or company hall: or whether the dirt to be cleaned is mainly solid or liquid waste.

If you’re dealing with small to medium-sized dry debris, you can opt for a mechanical sweeper: thanks to its horizontal brushes, this equipment sends the dirt directly into the specially designed flat tank. In addition to dry debris, would you like to clean liquid waste from your floor? For fast, optimal cleaning, opt for a floor washer equipped with a cylindrical brush. This device plays a dual role while saving time: the brushes pick up solid debris, before cleaning the entire surface of the room. If you need an excellent machine for simple floor cleaning, opt for a high-performance, economical scrubber-dryer.

Is your company hall dusty, muddy or greasy? In the absence of solid debris, you can choose a scrubber-dryer model with pad and disc brush. Practical and comfortable, this model offers deep cleaning with impeccable results. What’s more, models equipped with brushes are effective for cleaning all types of surface: ceramic, tiles, flooring or PVC.

Ghibli Floor Scrubber - Quebec, Canada

Floor washer: for what type of floor?

In addition to the nature of the dirt to be scoured, it’s also essential to consider the type of flooring on the surface in question. In fact, when you want to clean a smooth surface, it reacts differently to a porous surface or one that has been patched, for example. This means determining whether you need a pad or a light brush to clean a smooth floor or ceramic surface; and whether you need a system of rough, aggressive brushes to clean a stone or concrete surface.

When it comes to maintaining your concrete or vinyl warehouse or company yard, don’t hesitate to use a scrubber-dryer with an aggressive brush: even the toughest surfaces require thorough cleaning, so you’ll need equipment that’s perfectly suited to the task. On the other hand, if you have a tiled hall, pool deck or indoor PVC surface, opt for soft, gentle pads to avoid damaging your floor covering. For all your concerns, don’t hesitate to ask an expert from Aspire Tout, present in Canada and Quebec.

A self-scrubber for small or large surfaces?

For fast, efficient work, you’ll need the right equipment for the job. How can you save time and achieve impeccable results? Estimate the surface area to be cleaned, or ask a professional to help you make this estimate. Depending on the size of your warehouse or waiting area, you’ll be able to choose a high-performance, cost-effective machine.

To do this, you need to consider the size of the cleaning path: this is the surface area scoured by the machine with each movement. It’s also important to consider the autonomy of your equipment, so you don’t have to recharge it two or three times before you’ve finished cleaning your surface. By combining these two factors, you’ll be able to determine whether you need a medium-sized machine or a substantial piece of equipment to save time and energy.

Consider the frequency of cleaning when choosing your floor washer

How busy is your surface? Depending on whether the floor is in a warehouse, a loading bay or a company waiting room, you can determine the level of soiling, and therefore the optimum cleaning frequency. By combining this factor with the cost of a cleaning session, you can obtain a fairly accurate estimate of the overall cost of cleaning your premises. This figure will then enable you to determine whether a medium-sized piece of equipment will be more suitable than a top-of-the-range machine, which costs more and saves you cleaning time. So it’s a question of identifying which model of floor scrubber you need in terms of cost-effectiveness, so that you can make the most advantageous savings.

Aspire Tout has been present in Quebec for some time now, and can help you with any estimates you may need: simply contact one of our agents to take advantage of full support for the purchase of your maintenance appliance.

Buying a floor scrubber in Quebec depends on your budget

A scrubber-dryer is usually a long-term investment. For long-term profitability, it’s essential to opt right away for a good-quality, efficient machine that will last as long as possible. A major investment, but one which is well made at the outset, will enable you to enjoy your machine without hassle and without incurring repair costs later on. This investment also offers the advantage of durability, which is not to be underestimated. For these reasons, our agents offer you top-quality floor scrubbers, adapted to every need, and designed with the utmost care. They will serve you well for a very long time.

In conclusion

Buying a scrubber-dryer requires a great deal of thought, as well as an accurate assessment of your needs. At Aspire Tout, we have experts who can evaluate all your business data (nature of the floor and dirt, surface area to be cleaned, cleaning frequency, budget), in order to present you with the best equipment available for you. What’s more, we provide you with top-quality machines that are durable and profitable over the long term.