Sale, rental and repair of vacuum cleaners and scrubbers

Choice for your residential vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner sales : Quebec, Canada

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Increasingly in demand, the upright vacuum cleaner stands out for its practicality and simplicity. Versatile, this type of device can be used for a wide range of properties and surfaces.

Several accessories are available with our models, to make various tasks even easier. Discover the Miele range!

Suitable for use in the car, at home or even camping, the upright vacuum cleaner is efficient whatever the surface to be cleaned…

Central vacuum sales : Quebec, Canada

Central vacuum

The central vacuum, central vacuum cleaner or central sweeper is an intramural piping system connected to a single or multiple motorized suction unit. This system saves space, avoids wall damage and has superior suction capacity.

Various configurations are available: conventional, crumb-collecting or with retractable hose. Can be installed in a condo, a house, a business or even an RV, it’s extremely versatile and easy to use.

Several models are available to meet specific needs. Can be used with or without bag in certain cases.

Central vacuum sales : Quebec, Canada

Canister vacuum cleaner

A range of canister vacuums offering different filtration options, theoption of bagged or bagless, different power ratings and different accessories. All to meet your needs.

The cart vacuum cleaner, or for some, the tractor vacuum cleaner, is a staple of the field in which we operate.

We can think of the classics that many have grown up with, such as Electrolux, Filter Queen, Compact, Kirby or even Fairfax. All were, and still are, excellent appliances. Discover the Miele range!

Service call – Pipe unblocking – Central vacuum installation – Solution to technical problems, etc.

Repair of auto-scrubbers, vacuum cleaners or sweepers

We repair all makes of vacuum cleaner: Electrolux, Kenmore, Dirt Devil, Samsung vacuum cleaner, Compact, FairFax, MVAC vacuum cleaner, Johnny Vac, Zelmer, Cyclo Vac vacuum cleaner, Duo Vac, AstroVac, DrainVac, Astro Vac, Filter Queen, Dyson vacuum cleaner, Husky, Eureka, Philips, etc.

Sale of vacuum cleaner bags and filters : Quebec, Canada

Large selection of parts, filters, bags, etc. for vacuum cleaners

Aspire Tout is your specialist for vacuum cleaners Johnny VacZelmer, DrainVac, etc., in Repentigny, Le Gardeur. We offer cost-effective solutions tailored exactly to your needs.

Aspire Tout, your vacuum cleaner specialist, is someone who can suggest the ideal appliance for you, your needs and the surfaces you need to clean.

Choice for your autoscrubber or commercial vacuum cleaner!

Skid steer sales in Quebec

Autoscrubber sales

L’autoscrubber (scrubber-dryer), floor washer or floor zamboni, is a resolutely versatile, simple and highly practical piece of equipment: thanks to its automation, it increases productivity, as many tasks can be carried out in less time.

In addition, the floor washer is particularly effective, as it offers both optimum cleaning and rapid drying of the surface concerned. It also reduces the risk of slipping due to wet floors, thus avoiding any work-related accidents on your premises.

Skid steer rental in Quebec

Autoscrubber rental

Take advantage of our hassle-free service and rent a rent a scrubber-dryer anywhere in Quebec!

Whether you’re a commercial or industrial enterprise, we can advise you on how to get the best value for your real needs.

Increase your profitability and productivity by taking advantage of short- or long-term leasing to rent your floor washer.

Thinking of buying an autoscrubber? Renting is a great way to try before you buy!

Commercial vacuum cleaner sales in Quebec

Commercial vacuum cleaner

In this category, you’ll find sturdy machines designed to meet the most demanding tasks and durability criteria.

The devices in this section are designed and developed to be your ally and your preferred work tool.

Zomboni à Plancher

Skid steer sales and rentals across Quebec!

Johnny Vac floor washer

Reliable and durable, they have proven their worth in the most rigorous tests in the food safety industry, and under the toughest conditions.

From the simple compact floor scrubber, to the rear-assist floor scrubber, to the motorized sweeper, Johnny Vac self-scrubbers deliver an incredible level of performance across a wide range of applications, not to mention parts and accessories such as carpet brushes, replacement batteries, castors, flexible drain hose, squeegee and floor scrubbing pads.

Perfectly designed for fast, simple and effective cleaning, they are so easy to handle; these machines are perfectly designed for cleaning industrial environments as well as public places such as hospitals or large schools.

Ghibli autoscrubber

Large covered assembly areas require large, reliable machines, but also innovative technical features, to guarantee quality cleaning at competitive conditions.

Ghibli & Wirbel research has this in mind too: the Rider and Runner models feature cutting-edge functions that guarantee maximum reliability and efficiency in any environment and condition.

Intuitive controls, quality and robust components, combined with exceptional maneuverability, help you get the most out of any job, with record productivity, time and results.

Johnny Vac vacuum cleaner on Youtube

When buying a vacuum cleaner or sweeper, what criteria should you check?

The vacuum cleaner is an indispensable appliance for domestic hygiene. To choose the vacuum cleaner that best suits our needs, it’s important to evaluate several criteria and compare the different models available on the market.

Types of surfaces to be vacuumed

Do you have a hard floor, wood floors, ceramic tiles or carpet? Is your home multi-level? The presence of stairs should also be considered. Would you like to use your vacuum cleaner for sofas or the car?

Suction power

Power consumption in watts does not necessarily determine efficiency. Instead, it indicates electricity consumption. It’s above all the power output that needs to be considered. This is the ratio of vacuum (dust-lifting capacity) to air flow. It is rarely indicated on the data sheet.

Vacuum handling

Consider the weight of the unit and the size of the suction head. Is the camera head the right size? Is the handle comfortable to handle? Is there a switch? Is it easily accessible?


t’s a good idea to check beforehand what accessories are available for the vacuum cleaner you want. Check the hose diameter: the larger the diameter, the better the air flow. An important factor is the quality and strength of the casing. We don’t want it to twist or warp easily.


Decibels are not necessarily indicated on the data sheet. Nothing beats an in-store trial of each of the devices you’re after.


Consider the space you’ll need to store your vacuum cleaner. It sounds trivial, but when you’re restricted for space, it’s a factor not to be overlooked. Don’t forget that there are also accessories and hoses that come with the vacuum cleaner and need to be stored away.

Price of your vacuum cleaner or sweeper

It might be a good idea to determine your maximum vacuum cleaner budget in advance. Then simply select a few devices, compare them and choose the one that represents the best value for money.

The ideal vacuum cleaner has yet to be designed. To choose the best model, you need to determine your criteria, take stock of your needs and compare the different vacuum cleaners that match them.