Johnny Vac vacuums in Repentigny

Canada’s largest vacuum cleaner wholesaler and manufacturer

Johnny Vac in Repentigny

Johnny Vac is one of Canada’s largest wholesalers and manufacturers of vacuum cleaner equipment and parts of all kinds. For many years now, Johnny Vac has also owned and manufactured its own line of central vacuums for residential and commercial use. Johnny Vac’s Lux range of central vacuums offers you competitively priced vacuums with unwavering quality, and you’re sure to find the model you’re looking for in our selection of central vacuums and accessories.

Vacuum cleaner with patented filtration system

Johnny Vac’s patented self-cleaning filtration system requires no long-term maintenance. Thanks to its revolutionary design, the Johnny Vac self-cleaning filter captures allergenic micro-particles and confines them to the unit’s tank. You can even add a bag inside the tank to further improve filtration quality. What’s more, the bag means you don’t have to deal with dust when emptying the tank.

Power for your residential or commercial vacuum cleaner

The Johnny Vac Lux range offers 4 different models, the Johnny Vac Condolux, the Johnny Vac Superlux, the Johnny Vac Powerlux and the 2-motor Johnny Vac Powerlux X2. Different sizes and strengths to meet every need on the central vacuum market. From the smallest house to the largest castle, we’ve got what you need in this range! Proudly made in Canada!

Johnny Vac vacuum cleaner or sweeper